The 7th International Conference of Computer Science & Information Technology

July 13-15, 2016

CSIT 2016 Program


Wednesday 13 July

Thursday 14 July

Friday 15 July

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Registration (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)


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Session: BIS4 (Amman Hall)

Session: AIML3 (Quds Hall)

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Industrial talk (Main Hall)

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Session: BIS1 (Amman Hall)

Session: AIML1 (Quds Hall)

Session: BIS5 (Amman Hall)

Session: SE2 (Quds Hall)

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Session: BIS2 (Amman Hall)

Session: AIML2 (Quds Hall)

Session: AIML4 (Quds Hall)



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Coffee Break

 Coffee Break

4:00 PM

Session: BIS3 (Amman Hall)

Session: SE1 (Quds Hall)

Closing Ceremony (Main Hall)

4:30 PM

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Business Information Systems 1 (BIS1): 13-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Mahmoud Bashayrah

1.  Minimum Spanning Tree-based Multicast Routing Protocol for Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks: A Multi-layer Probabilistic Approach.

Mustafa Al-Rubaye,Haythem Bany Salameh,Yaser Jararweh


2.  A Mobile Cloud Application to Minimize Overbuying due to Store Deals.

Fai Alnuhait, Hawazen Albrahim, Heba Kurdi, Munera Alzaidan, Raghad Alghonaim, Shahad Aloqeely


3.  Phoenix: A MapReduce Implementation with New Enhancements.

Amer Al-Badarneh, Hassan Najadat, Majd Al-Soud, Rasha Mosaid


4.  A Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Cloud Providers: A Case Study of Azure vs. AWS.

Laila Qaisi, Ibrahim Aljarah


Business Information Systems 2 (BIS2): 13-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Yaser Jararweh

1.  HQTP v.2 : Holy Quran Transfer Protocol version 2.

Muneer Bani Yassein, Yarub Wahsheh


2.  An Ontology for Juz' Amma based on Expert Knowledge.

Noor Siti Husnah Ab Rahim, Aida Mustapha, Ahmad Alqurneh


3.  Towards Query by Text Example for Pattern Spotting in Historical Documents.

Abbas Cheddad


4.  Towards a Selfie Social Network with Automatically Generated Sentiment-Bearing Hashtags.

Sara Tedmori, Rashed Al-Lahaseh


Business Information Systems 3 (BIS3): 13-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Mohammad Hassan

1.  QoS based approach for LTE-WiFi handover.

Jumana Bukhari, Nadine Akkari


2.  Wireless Senor Networks for Modern Agriculture: A Survey.

Mohammad Ammad Udin, Muhammad Ayaz Arshad, Ali Mansour, Denis Le Jeune, el. Hadi M. Aggoune


3.  A Survey of Indexing Schemes in Cloud Data Management.

Amer Al-Badarneh, Hassan Najadat, Nawaf Abdulla, Abdalrhman Almodawar, Ghassan Mohsen


4.  Managing Sub-group Interactions and Communication in Group Collaboration Activities.

Norzilah Musa, Siti Zaleha Zainal Abidin, Nasiroh Omar


Business Information Systems 4 (BIS4): 14-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Ibrahim Al-Oqily

1.  Privacy preserving of Published Data in Healthcare: Survey.

Lina Abuwardih, Wa’ed Shatnawi, Ahmed Aleroud


2.  Investigating Employees’ Understanding of the Concept of Privacy for the Open Government Initiative.

Nurul Amin Badrul, Karsten Øster Lundqvist, Pat Parslow, Shirley Ann Williams

3.  Interest Management Through Policy Programming Language.

Suzana Ahmad, Siti Zaleha Zainal Abidin, Nasiroh Omar


4.  How Jordanian E-Government Websites Respond to the Needs of People with Disabilities.

Abeer Al-Bataineh, Suleiman Mustafa


Business Information Systems 5 (BIS5): 14-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Jehad Al-sadi

1.  Social Media in Project Communications Management.

Abdallah Qusef, Khaled Ismail


2.  Towards data driven decision support for financial institutions: Predicting small companies business volume in Switzerland

Daniel Müller, Funk Te, Flavien Meyer, Irena Pletikosa Cvijikj


3.  Partial meet Contraction and Consolidation of Ontology Alignment.

Ahmed Zahaf, Aissa Fellah, Djelloul Bouchiha, Mimoun Malki


4.  Adoption of Agile Practices in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation: Preliminary Results.

Sajjad Mahmood, Jawad Baig


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 1 (AIML1): 13-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Ahmad Al-tamimi

1.  Unsupervised Feature Selection Technique Based on Harmony Search Algorithm for Text Clustering.

Laith Abualigah, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Mohammed Al-Betar


2.  Simultaneous Mapping of Multi RDB to RDF.

Ahmed Abdel Moneim Kamal, Yasser Omar, Atef Zaki Ghalwash


3.  Holy Qur’an Speech Recognition System Distinguishing the Type of Recitation.

Bilal Yousfi, Akram M Zeki


4.  Unsupervised Feature Selection Technique Based on Genetic Algorithm for Text Clustering.

Laith Abualigah, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Mohammed Al-Betar


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 2 (AIML2): 13-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Omar Alsheikh-Salem

1.  Arabic OCR Evaluation Tool.

Mansoor Alghamdi, Ibrahim Alkhazi, William Teahan


2.  Are Emoticons Good Enough to Train Emotion Classifiers of Arabic Tweets?

Wegdan Hussien, Yahya Tashtoush, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Mohammed Al-Kabi


3.  Emotion Estimation from EEG Signals during Listening to Quran using PSD Feature.

Anas Fattouh, Mashail Alsolamy


4.  Evaluating SentiStrength for Arabic Sentiment Analysis.

Abdullateef Rabab'Ah,Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Yaser Jararweh, Mohammed Al-Kabi


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3 (AIML3): 14-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Loai Alnemer

1.  Grouping Website’s Features for Phishing Classification,

Fadi Thabtah, Neda Abdelhamid


2.  Adapting Associative Classification For Detecting Phishing Websites.

Hasan Ahmad Alshihri


3.  Multi-objectives-based text clustering technique using K-mean algorithm.

Laith Abualigah, Ahamad Khader, Mohammed Al-Betar


4.  A Supervised Approach for Multi-Label Classification of Arabic News Articles.

Mohammed Shehab, Omar Badarneh, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Yaser Jararweh,


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 4 (AIML4): 14-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Bilal Sowan

1.  Comparison between the MFCC and DWT applied to the roadway classification.

Mohamed Atibi, Issam Atouf, Mohamed Boussaa, Abdellatif Bennis


2.  E-Voting Scheme Using Bilinear Pairing.

Sattar J. Aboud, Mohammad A. Al-Fayoumi


3.  Using GPUs to Speed-Up FCM-Based Community Detection in Social Networks

Mohammed Alandoli, Mohammed Shehab, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Yaser Jararweh, Mohammad Al-Smadi


4.  Developing 3D Model for Mobile Robot Environment Using Mono-Vision System.

Mohammad Al-Jarrah


Software Engineering 1 (SE1): 13-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Yousef Elsheikh

1.  Metric and Rule Based Automated Detection of Antipatterns in Object-Oriented Software Systems.

Mehmed Taha Aras,Yunus Emre Selçuk


2.  An Empirical Study on the Effect of the Order of Applying Software Refactoring.

Yahya Khrishe, Mohammad Alshayeb


3.  Analysis of the correlation between stability and maintainability class metrics.

Abdulrahman Baqais, Mohammad Amro, Mohammad Alshayeb


4.  Empirical insight into the context of design patterns: Modularity analysis. Mawal Mohammed, Mahmoud Elish, Abdallah Qusef


Software Engineering 2 (SE2): 14-July-2016

Session chair: Dr. Anas Bayan

1.  Software Evolution Visualization Techniques and Methods.

Hani Bani-Salameh, Ayat Ahmad, Ashraf Aljammal


2.  Application Domain Oriented Software Readability Yardsticks.

Mohammed Akour, Bouchaib Falah


3.  Ontology for Product Quality Attributes in Requirement Engineering.

Fawaz Alzaghoul, Khair Eddin Sabri, Enas F.Rawashdeh